Profile of Sugiy

Thank you for reading my profile.

This is Sugiy!
I’m an iOS application engineer.

I I am writing a brief profile on this page.
If you are looking at this page, you may feel, “What kind of person is writing this blog?” And “Who is it?” I hope that you will feel a little closer to us through this profile page!

  • 27-year-old iOS app engineer from Kanagawa prefecture
  • I wanted to be a teacher when I was in college
  • I started an engineer career from the second new graduate(2nd company)
  • Currently in charge of development and management of financial applications
  • I have interest in Japanese food such as Japanese food, Japanese sweets, and sake.
  • Because of the large height and size of the legs, it can be difficult to live in various ways.

Profile details

College days when I was aspiring to be a teacher

Originally, I longed for a teacher at school and wanted to become a teacher, so I took university entrance exams mainly in the faculties of education.
I liked politics and geography, especially history, so I wanted to study social studies.
I still like social studies topics, so I sometimes put up an antenna and research various things.
Waseda university, the first choice, failed brilliantly and went on to the second choice, Department of Education, Faculty of Education and Human Sciences, Aoyama Gakuin University (whose name is unusually long).

There are a lot of compulsory classes to get a social studies teacher’s license, and when I was in my third year of college, I went to college six times a week😂.
Also, I still think that the three weeks of practical training in school was the hardest time in my life, both physically and mentally, including the career period, and I still think that I was able to survive well (the incumbent teacher is really respected). )

I failed the teacher employment exam and joined a new graduate. ..

Although I passed the first paper exam in the teacher employment exam when I was in my fourth year of university, I failed the second interview and the mock lesson exam, and after that I had various troubles and thoughts, and as a result I decided to get a job at a general company. 

The company that joined the company as a new graduate is a company that dispatches engineers, but the content of the work that I heard before joining the company and the work that I had to do after joining the company are different, and I arguing with the president who was leading the department at that time. I was supposed to work on assembling manufacturing equipment, but after the training I decided to go to Korea, and I was impatient, I thought, “It’s hard!”
When I was wondering what to do, I found out that there was no shoe size for work clothes at the factory where I work overseas, and I lost that job😂. My shoes are 30 to 31 cm in size, so I’m always to find my shoes that fits my foot size. It was the first time to work size of this foot positively😁.

After that, I received 3D-CAD training, worked on various things at the site of building equipment at a building equipment company, and did sales affairs, but I felt a big sense of crisis as to whether I could continue as it is. In particular, I had a lot of time when I couldn’t work, and during that time I made programs with macros to improve the efficiency of Excel used in office work, but I wasn’t confident that I could grow, so I decided to change jobs.

Learning from changing jobs

After a long and painful job change, I decided to change jobs to a foreign-affiliated consulting company.
I was disappointed in the interviews of many companies, and my heart was broken, but as a result, the treatment and atmosphere of the company were good, and there were many good people in the workplace, so I’m very grateful to the company that decided to hire me!

What I thought at this time was the importance of taking the plunge and acting.
Of course, changing jobs can be a daunting task, and sometimes things don’t go well, but if you don’t take a step forward, nothing can change the status. However, it is possible to consult with a job change agent without risk, so it is important to make sure to start steadily even from such a small thing.
Taking this opportunity to change jobs, I was able to understand the importance of taking on challenges with light footwork and being interested in various things. This blog is one of those challenges.

Start my career as an engineer

Originally I liked making things such as cooking and crafts, and from my experience of forming macros in my previous job, I thought that an IT engineer would be good for my next job. Therefore, the IT consulting company was a company that met my wishes.

Since the specific work content is a consulting company, it will vary depending on the project. Clients and members, work locations and work content also vary greatly from project to project. After business training, technical training such as C#, and training for mock projects, I was assigned to a project to develop mobile applications.

After that, I participated in several projects mainly for developing mobile apps for iOS, and gained a lot of experience. When I joined the company, I didn’t know any IT-related or programming-related terms, but the managers and team leaders taught me various things carefully, and I’d like to improve my skills steadily. In the application development of the final project, all the development work including the server side settings was handled by one person, and I was able to grow to a level where I can develop various things by one person. I am very grateful that I was really blessed with the environment.

As new technologies emerge in the IT industry, we have to catch up regardless of whether we are working or private, but I think it is very interesting and rewarding to make new discoveries every day!

Second job change, and covid-19 invasion!

Around the beginning of 2020, when I was attending an IT event or study session for studying, I was asked “Would you like to have a casual interview?” And I was interested in the company, so I participated. As a result, I received a notification of hiring, so I decided to change jobs.
Currently, we are developing an iOS application for live broadcasting service.
At a consulting company, the business and technology used vary from project to project, so basically, in a short period of time, we are often involved in projects in various industries and clients. Being involved in various projects in a short period of time means that I can come into contact with various people, services, and industries every time, but I wanted to take a closer look at a little deeper technology. I wanted to be involved in one service for a long time at a company that has its own service.
Meanwhile, I just received a notice of employment, so I decided to take the plunge and change jobs (compared to the previous job change, I didn’t wear a suit and change jobs, so it was a very light burden!)
Project-type jobs and in-house service jobs have their own strengths and weaknesses, so you may want to do project-type jobs again in the future.

That’s why I changed jobs, but covid-19 struck here and the society changed drastically and work in home became popular, In my case, I started working from home around January, ahead of covid-19 struck, because I had only one development member of the last project of my previous job.
It’s been about a year and a half since I started staying at home when I created this profile, but I haven’t been able to communicate face-to-face with the members of the company since I joined the company. Since I can only communicate online, I didn’t know what kind of members I was working with, and I often had a lot of trouble. Work in home has become widespread, and various verifications have been conducted on what to do with the “balance between work in home and going to work”, but I think it is also important to go to work once in a while and talk face-to-face (With this body I’m used to for long-term working in home, I can’t stand the complete work in office😁 ).

In the future, I will touch on technologies other than the mobile field and work hard to further improve my skills.

Further Jobs Change

At the time of the update, I also changed jobs and am enrolled in a certain financial SIer.

It started when I got a call from a so-called agent, but I thought it might be good to try something else soon.
I thought it would be fun to be involved in multiple services instead of deepening the experience.
Originally, I wanted to be a social studies teacher, so I was interested in the financial field.

As mentioned in the consulting company above,

  1. Involved in various projects and service development in a short period of time
  2. Involved in one service over a long period of time

These two are depending on timing, goals, and moods? which one you want to be involved in will change, and I think each has its good side.
In the future, there will surely come a time when I want to dig deeper into a single service like ② again.

Hobbies and what I’m doing lately

  • I like to eat delicious food!
    • I like Japanese food and Japanese sweets. I also like matcha sweets!
    • I also like sake that goes well with Japanese food. Recently I also like lemon sour!
  • I also like to cook
    • Basically, I cook for myself, but sometimes I want to spend some time making a masterpiece!
    • What you want to make depends on your mood.
      • In the past, there was a time when I was addicted to making omelet rice, bread, cakes, pasta, taiyaki, etc. lol
  • Anime, manga, movies, etc.
    • I like Gintama, STEINS; GATE, and Eva in anime.
    • Comics, I like ONE PIECE the most.
    • Movie, I like the MCU series such as Marvel’s Avengers. I also like Inception.
  • I used to play tennis in club activities, so I also like playing tennis
    • I also like to have a cross bike and ride a bicycle
      • Since my hometown is the Shonan area, I liked cycling along the sea around Enoshima and Kamakura!
  • Recently I went to the gym and started English conversation
    • I want to go to WWDC someday!

Blog theme

In addition to programming every day, I do various inputs and trial and error, but in reality, I think that there are many cases where I do not understand properly or leave what I have tried and use it for other things. So, through this blog, I decided to do the following.

  1. Improve the quality of inputs by performing inputs and outputs together,
  2. By leaving the results of the output, it will be easier to look back on it later.
  3. Make the output useful to others as much as possible.

Originally I was aiming to be a teacher, so I understood the difficulty of teaching and communicating something to others. In order to convey something to people, it is necessary to understand, organize, and systematize what is input to a level that can be verbalized. Therefore, I decided to improve the quality of my input and leave what I researched and what I was interested in as a log on my blog.

Also, I would be very happy if my content could be useful for one person even a little!

Thank you for reading until the end!