Add code after closing modal


Add code after closing modal

I wanted to change the status after closing the modal or execute the process of transitioning to another page, so I tried to find out how to do it.

How to detect when a modal is closed

In Swift, we can execute the process when the modal is closed by writing it in the closure of the completion of the following method.

dismiss(animated: , completion: )

On the other hand, in the case of Flutter, we can write the process after closing the modal by writing in whenComplete of the page transition source as shown below.

    builder: (_) => HogePage(),
    fullscreenDialog: true, // if true, navigation type will be modal
).whenComplete(() {
  // What you want to do after closing the modal

Recently, I’ve been writing Flutter and Swift in parallel, and especially Swift UI and Flutter are often written in a similar way, so I often confuse them….



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