SwiftGarden 0.Introduction Announcement and overview of SwiftGarden

0.Introduction Announcement and overview of SwiftGarden

This article is an article that summarizes the introduction of Part 0 of the session announced at iOSDC2023, the presentation of growing apples with Swift.

What is the content of this announcement?

This presentation summarizes the implementation of Swift on Raspberry Pi in home gardening.

Specifically, the content is as follows

  1. Take an image of the target crop using a Raspberry Pi
  2. Labor saving for watering crops
  3. Save data from Raspberry Pi to Firebase
  4. Make it possible to check the growth status of crops from the iOS app using Charts, etc.

This time I named this project SwiftGarden!

I started with the ulterior motives of not being able to cut corners in my regular kitchen gardening.

What to say/don’t say in this presentation


  • Swift Implementation on Raspberry Pi
  • Among the functions to be realized, core implementation procedures and details (details are described in the blog)
  • Failures in implementation and personal trial and error methods
    • Lots of TODO points!

Do not talk

  • How to set up your Raspberry Pi
  • Details and principles of technical elements mainly around hardware

Notes on presentation content

  1. The presenter is not well versed in hardware technology
    • Announcement information may be inaccurate or missing information
  2. This implementation is an individual development and there are many parts where architecture and security have not been taken into consideration (please think of it as an alpha version under verification).
    • If you have any improvements (implementation or kitchen garden), please let me know!
    • In the future, it will lead to labor saving in the kitchen garden and improve the food self-sufficiency rate of our home!
  3. Please check the blog post (including last year’s) for details, as I cannot present/write all the contents due to time and slide space constraints.

Implemented this time

This time I tried to summarize what I implemented in SwiftGarden in a certain OS style!
I will introduce the contents described here in this announcement and blog in order!

Implementation goals in SwiftGarden

This time, considering what can be implemented including the preparation period until the announcement, we have implemented the following as an alpha version.

  1. Swift Garden Pi
    • CLI tool made by SwiftPackage that runs on Raspberry Pi
  2. Swift Garden App
    • iOS app to browse Firebase data saved from Raspberry Pi

By the way, this time, due to various circumstances, I gave up on observing and cultivating Apple, and decided to target pineapple.

The implementation site is as follows

Wrap up

This article summarizes the introductory content of the SwiftGarden announcement
The next article is “Getting Sensor Data – Calling Python Code from Swift”!



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